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If you are shopping for a home to buy or you are about to begin, you must be wondering what type of home best suits you. The reason is that there are many home styles and designs available out there. If you happen to seek advice from friends, they may not be of any help to you. Remember that people have different tastes and preferences, so you might be misled if you are not careful. But knowing some of the most popular styles of homes, you can narrow down your search and settle for the best. Here are the top 5 popular styles of homes you can choose from.

Modern Style

Nowadays, many people are dreaming of getting modern or contemporary homes. A modern house features a style that was very popular back in the 1960s. They usually have flat rooflines and oversized windows. They also have undecorated fireplaces. Additionally, modern houses utilize high-quality building materials, which are a bit expensive. Such materials include marble, stone, and wooden floors. The design is characterized by clean, simple lines and a lot of glass. Others feature open floor plans and outdoor living spaces. If you are scouting for a modern home, ensure your budget is somehow bigger.

Ranch Style

In the past, ranch homes could only be found in the western regions of America, but nowadays they are found throughout the country. Back in 1932, these houses served as housing on ranches. In the 1960’s, they became the typical modern houses, and a lot of people started to like them. A ranch-style house is just a single story house, which sits on a single floor. These houses are quite extensive and have simple floor plans. They have efficient living spaces with garages attached. The good thing about these houses is that they are easy to upgrade with numerous additions.

Cottage Style

The word cottage was derived from the word cotter, which means someone living in a small home while working in his landlord’s farmland. Over time, cottage came to mean a small house. A cottage is a small house or bungalow. It is believed to be an old-fashioned style since it was introduced in the 1920s. These types of houses are common in both rural and semi-rural locations. And because they use less expensive materials, these houses are cheaper than the modern ones.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouses are very common nowadays. Mostly, traditional farmhouses were built with wood. Today’s farmhouse still has a wooden exterior, but that does not mean you cannot add other accents for façade beautification. For example, stone in light shades can give stunning texture. The foundation of a farmhouse is rectangular and can have several additions. They also have simple rooflines. Additionally, they have tall and narrow windows and the siding is made of wood. These home styles are known for their simplicity. They are built using materials, such as wood and galvanized steel. If your budget is not that big, a farmhouse can be your bet.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman homes were invented courtesy of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the late 1800s. And because many people admired them, these houses gained popularity. The exterior of a craftsman house comprises of stones and wood. Mostly, these houses are bungalows but can take any shape as long as the craft of construction is showcased. Most of them have porches with thick round or square columns. They usually have low-pitched roofs with a wide eave and a triangular bracket.


The home styles discussed above have a lot of things in common. The only difference is the uniqueness in the construction of a particular home. When scouting for a home to buy, go for a style that appeals you the most. Also, consider your budget when shopping around for your dream home.

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