When embarking on the adventure of discovering your next dream home, it is essential to first sit down and decide some areas of your search that are negotiable and ones that are not. For example, categories such as style, size, and genre may be on the side of negotiation while safety and security may sit firmly at the top of your priority list with no room to budge. As you continue throughout this real estate journey, honing in on homes that reside within gated communities may be in your best interest when it comes to keeping you and your family’s well being in the forefront of your interests.

The city of Boca Raton boasts a wide variety of gated communities that go above and beyond in keeping the safety of not only your family but, your property and residence protected at all times. Below you will explore the top ten best-gated communities right here in Boca Raton and what makes them so unique and enticing to buyers looking to settle in this area. Whether you are at home or away it is nice to know that your family, as well as your belongings, are always resting safely in the arms of those who have your best interest at heart. This finer touch transforms the purchase of your home into more of a personal investment into the future success of your family.

Boca Bridges

Boca Bridges Homes for Sale

The future of real estate is taking a turn in the direction of modern architecture. This style is not only aesthetically pleasing but, also offers a timeless design that captures the true essence of the 21st century. As one of the most prestigious gated communities on the rise in Boca Raton, Boca Bridges offers buyers the opportunity to build their dream home from the ground up. Aside from their Modern Collection, this luxurious neighborhood presents four other collections that cover a plethora of styles such as Mediterranean, Transitional, and Contemporary. With your family’s personal safety and security remaining in the forefront of reasons behind building grandiose gates to control who receives access to these properties, GL Homes also built a variety of other enticing private amenities just for residents enjoyment.

Living at Boca Bridges is more like booking an extended vacation at a five-star resort that never ends. The community clubhouse features main activities and amenities that will keep you and your family safely in the arms of constant entertainment and excitement. This development presents onsite massage therapists as well as a sauna, full-service restaurant, and a grand lounge. There is a fitness center with brand new state-of-the-art equipment and an exercise studio that offers group fitness classes. As an extension of indoor activities, you can enjoy a nice game of basketball if it’s too hot outside to enjoy the larger court. For all of you tennis lovers, Boca Bridges sports six courts available to all residents as well as their appointed guests. The outdoor adventures continue at the glistening swimming or laps pools, interactive splash park for the kids, and a large shaded playground.

Homes in this gated community here in Boca Raton start around the 800’s and make their way to roughly 3 million in price. Although they sit along the higher side of the spectrum in cost, once you experience the compounding value of this community there really is no price that one can put on absolute living satisfaction. This gratification continues inside each individual home that presents anywhere from 3,300 to over 10,000 square feet of accommodations. Consisting of as many as three to six bedrooms and three to nine baths, these houses will cater to your family size or general desire for a home that fits your every need. These homes also exhibit lavish features such as upgraded gourmet kitchens, elegant bathrooms, state-of-the-art appliances, as well as a built-in home security system for an extended level of safety and security outside of what is already provided at the front gates. If you’re looking for a gated community that reigns in superiority over the crowd, then Boca Bridges is definitely the pick for you.


Boca Lotus Homes for Sale

As the sister neighborhood to Boca Bridges, another outstanding gated community right here in Boca Raton is none other than the luminous Lotus. Another breathtaking design of the prestigious GL Homes, this gated community is sporting two custom collections with a wide variety of floor plans for you and your family to choose from. Aside from knowing that your safety remains as the highest level of priority, it’s also nice to know that you and your family are the first people to inhabit these brand new homes. You can custom order your house in the same fashion that you can customize just about any aspect of your life now in the 21st century. Forget the days of strictly utilizing your neighborhood as your form of residency, now you can enjoy a world of fun and excitement found right outside your own front door.

Behind the beautiful gates of Lotus, residents will experience many luxuries such as playing tennis or pickleball as they choose on one of the many premier outdoor courts. These outdoor activities continue at the basketball court or even at one of the indoor courts should the Florida heat reach an unbearable level. There’s also a kids water play area and even an outdoor dining area and bar that resides alongside the resort style lap and swimming pools. This development mirrors the same level of hospitality and service that one would find at some of the best hotels and resorts around the world.

For all of your exercise needs, there’s a 24-hour fitness center with all of the latest equipment. Right outside of the grand lobby, you will find the community clubhouse presenting other amenities such as a chic lounge with a bar, a fitness studio with a multipurpose room, a game room, a card room, locker rooms with showers, shaded outdoor patio seating, as well as a lavishly covered entryway. Considering all of these five-star amenities the community offers, the estimation of association fees will run you around $400 a month, which most residents end up paying quarterly.

Houses in Lotus start around the high 500’s and range into the 900’s category in price. This is quite a moderate price seeing as you and your family will be the first ones to inhabit the property. Despite the floor plan of your choice, there is a world of opportunity when it comes to customizing in the interior of your new home. These individual designs offer anywhere from two to as many as six bedrooms and an appropriate amount of corresponding baths. This will allow for an array of accommodations for just about every family style and size out there. Most of these homes also exhibit two, three, or four car garages as well as beautiful lush landscape and the opportunity to customize the exterior of your home with as much detail as the interior.

These homes also highlight some of the most desirable upgrades such as gourmet kitchens sporting state-of-the-art appliances for a topnotch finishing touch. Each house also includes a standard security and safety feature, heightening this as a priority from the moment you enter the community gates until the moment you lay your head down to sleep. If you are impressed by all the above-mentioned features of Lotus, then this just might be the gated community for you here in the city of Boca Raton.

Boca Falls

Boca Falls Homes

Weighing in as one of the hottest gated communities here in Boca Raton, Boca Falls presents 722 homes that are dispersed over 10 different subdivisions. With a long standing reputation of success here in Boca Raton, it’s rare to find more than 3% of the homes in this neighborhood available for purchase at any given time. Aside from the heightened level of safety and security, this development boasts stunning views and a flourishing display of lush tropical landscape. Once you and your family take a look around this desirable community, you will begin to unfold all of the true magic that keeps Boca Falls thriving since the 1990’s. There is so much more value to this purchase beyond owning a home in this neighborhood. The level of community and security are some of the highlights that make Boca Falls a truly priceless place to call home.

As residents of this community, you and your family will enjoy perks such as access to the renovated clubhouse, an Olympic size swimming pool, a kiddy pool, as well as an enticing display of other outdoor activities. From the children’s playground to the six tennis courts and a large basketball court, there is plenty to keep you and your family busy in your spare time. There is even a state-of-the-art fitness center for all of your exercise needs. The lush picnic area is perfect for your next Saturday afternoon gathering and if you’re looking to get more involved and socialize with your new neighbors, there is a social committee that plans a wide variety of community activities. This well-oiled machine stays functioning at the highest capacity because of the onsite management team that puts residents concerns at the top of their priority list.

These single-family homes go for anywhere between the low 500’s and the high 600’s, which is a great price considering all that this investment entails. Offering space that ranges from 1,800 to almost 4,400 square feet of comfortable living quarters, there is bound to be something that fits your overall criteria of size and style. With open floor plans, between four and seven bedrooms and an appropriate number of corresponding baths, these homes provide plenty of accommodations for you and your family along with everything else that comes along for the move.

As you gaze out your back window, you have the opportunity to enjoy views of the gorgeous waterways or beautiful tropical landscape. These homes also include an array of upgrades and other desirable interior features. As your search throughout the best-gated communities here in Boca Raton persists, you may just find that Boca Falls holds the key to everything that you’ve ever imagined for your dream home.

Coventry at Boca Grove

Boca Cove Homes

Offering expansive homes that are competitively priced here in the city of Boca Raton, one of the best-gated communities you will come across just so happens to be Coventry located in Boca Grove. This exclusive subdivision presents a small selection of single-family homes with a reputation built around success in this affluent area. This quaint little gated community nestles itself in between a sea of other subdivisions found within Boca Grove. Consisting of 30 breathtaking zero-lot-line homes, this neighborhood packs a whole lot of punch in a seemingly small package. Let the homes and amenities do the talking for this gated community as you and your family explore all that is Coventry.

As a significant part of an entire empire, Coventry presents a plethora of resident amenities that do more than just hold your attention for a few hours. This community brings outdoor activities to life with a premier 18-hole championship golf course on site for your enjoyment. If you happen to fancy a game of tennis, then you can have your pick from the 15 courts available to all residents. There are even a variety of both golf and tennis leagues for residents of all ages to choose from should you desire to take these sports beyond a casual pastime. Once you’re through with your match, you can enjoy a nice cool dip in the resort style swimming pool that also hosts daily water aerobics classes. There’s even a playground for the kids to burn off all that youthful energy before they return home. Living at Coventry also grants you access to the lavish fitness center which provides the option of personal training and even an assortment of group classes. The community country club even hosts several citywide events with some of the hottest catered chefs and entertainment all open for your personal fulfillment and neighborly socialization.

Once you get past all of the dazzling amenities, the homes of Coventry continue on this train of awe and attraction. Ranging between the high 200’s and making its way into the 3 million category, homes in this neighborhood offer a variety of price points for families from all walks of life. These single-family homes present three bedrooms and anywhere from two to three baths. With 2,500 to almost 5,500 square feet of comfortable living space, these homes were built to accommodate every family member and item that comes along in the move. These houses also include several interior as well as exterior home features that give each residence a unique touch of their own. Aside from being a safeguarded and gated community, if you’re looking for an exclusive neighborhood in Boca Raton that boasts country club style living, then Coventry at Boca Grove just might be where you choose to lay your head at night.


Estancia Boca Homes

With a name that rings in elegance and charm, Estancia is one of the most family oriented gated communities here in Boca Raton. Adding to the trend of this bunch, safety and security remain on the top of their priority list especially considering the fact that the majority of the residents are young children. These gates hold the key to a neighborhood that was built on community and gives you a warm feeling of welcome on every corner that you turn. Forget the days of uptight neighbors and distant waves, here at Estancia your neighbors will become more like extended members of your family. From the inviting nature to the list of resident amenities and breathtaking homes, this development has it all and may just have exactly what you’re looking for in your next home.

This community is jam-packed with all the enticing family activities and overall resident amenities. Especially considering the fact that this neighborhood is guarded by 24-hour security on site, you have the freedom to let loose and enjoy yourself without all the extra worry of your surroundings. Estancia presents an assortment of tennis courts, basketball courts, biking, and jogging trails, beautifully paved sidewalks alongside lush tropical landscape, and even a picnic area for your next Saturday afternoon gathering with the neighbors. With so much fun awaiting you and your family right outside your own front door, you will find it hard not to spend most of your time basking in all of the luxuries of your new home.

Homes in Estancia go for around the 800’s and range into the 1 million category. Built in the 1970’s and 1980’s, these homes hold a reputation of success in the city of Boca Raton. Of the 363 single-family homes, most of them present anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet of comfortable living space. Most of these homes still possess their original architecture with many displaying a variety of interior remodels and upgrades.

A vast majority of these homes sit waterfront with a picturesque view from the comfort of your own backyard. These houses also include an assortment of bedroom and bath combinations so that you can find the size and style that fits your family’s every need. You can even find an array of other homes features such as open floor plans, state-of-the-art appliances, gourmet kitchens, granite countertops, and private Master bedroom suites. If the theme of family, security, and variety are all the key points you’re looking for in a gated community here in Boca Raton, then Estancia just might unlock the mystery to your next dream home.


Parkside boca homes

As another outstanding gated community here in Boca Raton that boasts a central location, Parkside is the perfect place for home customization and picturesque scenery. Built in the early 1980’s, Parkside presents homes that stand out from the crowd with an assortment of architectural styles as well as many other custom home features. Many that buyers notice right off the bat include winding driveways and private pools for you to bask in the rays of the beautiful Florida sun. Your eyes will widen as soon as you pull up to the gates of this one of a kind community and as you continue on the sights just keep getting better and better. From the glistening canals to the lush tropical landscape, this development sets the tone for optimal living here in the affluent city of Boca Raton.

As one of the most sought after communities here in Boca Raton, Parkside adds a special touch to just about every standard feature and resident amenity they offer. If your family happens to include children, then they will love spending their free time at the playground mingling with the other children found throughout the neighborhood. If they’re not playing outside, then most of the Parkside kids spend their time at the recreation center where there’s always a variety of activities to keep them in the arms of entertainment. The private clubhouse features tennis courts as well as onsite professionals should you have any questions or wish to pursue private lessons. Once you get hooked on the community bug, it will be hard to pull yourself away from all of the fun that awaits you around each and every corner of this thriving gated development.

These single-family homes typically start around the 800’s and go for as much as 1.3 million. Considering the high demand for a neighborhood of this nature here in Boca Raton, this is a moderate price with compounding value. Parkside was the first neighborhood in this area to display homes with such alluring features and lavish detail. Consisting of anywhere between 2,600 to over 6,000 square feet of accommodating living quarters, these homes come in just about every size for every family. With as many as three to seven bedrooms and two to six baths, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to crafting the home of your dreams in every which way you can imagine. As you venture through this gated community here in Boca Raton, you just might hear Parkside calling your name in the direction of your next dream home.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Homes For Sale

If you have your heart set on California but, your life remains here in Boca Raton, Florida, then Santa Barbara just may be the gated community that gives you that West Coast feel of the Golden State. From the moment you and your family pull up to the gates, it’s clear that this neighborhood stands apart from most other residences in South Florida. Within the luxurious Mediterranean style architecture and lush tropical landscape, you will uncover a sea of houses and resident amenities that appeal to your inner Californian. Allow the name of this community to set the tone for the lifestyle that you are looking to create right here on East Coast territory. So, forget traveling almost 3,000 miles away from everything you’ve ever known when now you can bask in all the glory of California right here in the breathtaking Santa Barbara of Boca Raton.

As the forefront of priorities for this gated community, Santa Barbara offers 24-hour security with guards manning both gates. Aside from keeping you in the arms of safety, they are also guarding all of the enticing private resident amenities that remain within the arms of this neighborhood. From the spacious clubhouse to the resort style swimming pool, there is a setting for you to enjoy yourself or even host your next birthday party or celebration. The fitness facility houses a variety of state-of-the-art equipment along with an aerobics studio. You will also receive access to the card rooms, billiards room, tennis courts, locker rooms, and so much more.

From the 241 homes that Santa Barbara offers, most of them start around the 500’s and range through the 1 million category. Presenting a convenient number of both bedrooms and baths, these homes were built to accommodate just about every family size and style out there. Comfort is one of the resonating themes throughout these homes as they present a gracious amount of square feet for all of your prized possessions. The majority of these homes also include alluring upgrades such as state-of-the-art appliances as well as gourmet kitchens with other inaugural interior features. Since the real city remains over 3,000 miles away, if you’re looking for a gated community here in Boca Raton with all the West Coast vibes, then Santa Barbara has your name written all over it.


Saturnia Homes For Sae

If you’re looking for a gated community here in Boca Raton that is out of this world, then Saturnia just may be the planetary place for you to call home. This luxurious neighborhood displays beautiful tropical landscape alongside one of a kind architecture within each and every home on the lot. These intergalactic homes offer all of the most desirable qualities of a private gated community with so much more than meets the eye. Outside of the homes themselves, this development displays a wide variety of resident amenities that speak to the true value of this home purchase. As you and your family venture throughout the streets of your new neighborhood, you will begin to see just why Saturnia is one of the best-gated communities here in Boca Raton.

As a resident of Saturnia, you are able to enjoy the luxury and use of a giant Mediterranean style clubhouse that offers an abundance of activities for your further entertainment. There is a fitness center that presents all state-of-the-art equipment for all of your exercise needs. Outside you will explore a resort style swimming pool with a large deck, two clay tennis courts, and a playground for all of the children and child-like adults. With tons of both outdoor and indoor activities and amenities available, Saturnia provides 24-hour security with guards on duty at the gates of the entranceway at all times. Unless there is something specific that draws you outside of these grandiose gates, it will be hard to pull yourself away from all the fun and excitement that resides within the parameters of your new home.

Saturnia offers 400 single-family homes built by the prestigious GL Homes. With construction beginning around the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, these homes have built quite a successful reputation for themselves here in the city of Boca Raton. Consisting of anywhere from four, five, or six bedrooms and an appropriate amount of corresponding baths, there is a size and style out there for just about everyone searching. With 2,500 to almost 5,000 square feet of comfortable living quarters, there is space for everyone and everything that is coming along for the ride. These homes also offer a variety of distinct features as well as individual upgrades that make each property sparkle in their own unique light. If you are looking for a gated community that offers, safety, success, and supplementation in the form of extracurricular activities, then Saturnia just may be the place to “phone home.”

St. Andrews Country Club

St. Andrews Country Club

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive lifestyle behind the gates of your community, then look no further than St. Andrews Country Club right here in Boca Raton Florida. As one of the premier neighborhoods of this city, this development sports everything your heart could ever desire. The only true reason you may need to leave the community other than a switch up in scenery is for travel. St. Andrews holds the torch in high-class living and adds value to each and every resident that embarks on this life-changing journey. Owning a home in this gated community is so much more than purchasing a new residence. The true value of this acquisition is the investment that you are making in the overall success and well being of your family’s future.  

The gates of this community are manned 24-hours a day by a team of dedicated security officers as well as a selection of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department officers and guard dogs dispersed throughout the entire property. This just goes to show you how important safety and security is the staff and management team here at St. Andrews. Whether you drive or stroll around this neighborhood, it is hard to miss all of the lush tropical landscape flourishing in every inch of this South Florida paradise. The main attraction of this community is definitely centered around golf, with a championship golf experience consisting of a 36-hole course. This course is known among the professional golf world with many admirable athletes in regular attendance as they call St. Andrews their golfing home. Many of them literally call this neighborhood home, with a wide variety of professional members owning homes within the community.

Other enticing resident amenities include fourteen Har-Tru clay courts, five of which are lighted with the added options of a stadium court as well as a red clay court. Whether it’s golf or tennis that you fancy, St. Andrews offers onsite professional staff members to help guide you in whatever direction you need. Forget any additional spending, such as gym memberships, because your new home offers a fully functioning fitness facility with the latest exercise equipment ready for your next workout. There are also options for group fitness classes, yoga, pilates, as well as other fun fitness activities at the aquatic center. Once all the work is done, you can grab a fruity drink and lounge by the resort-style swimming pool as you soak up your daily dose of vitamin D in the beaming Florida sun.  

Aside from all the wonderful resident amenities, this gated community advertises some of the most breathtaking estate homes in all of Boca Raton. Starting around the 600’s and ranging into the 6 million category, homes in St. Andrews cover a wide spectrum of financial accessibility. This selection is even extended through a variety of styles and genres depicted in the homes that fill this luxurious neighborhood. From the 739 custom built homes in St. Andrews, many sport a new age touch of modern design while some go over the top with tributes to Notre Dame with dramatic gothic finishes. Even though these homes fall under the category of an estate, they more so resemble mansions with a vast number of bedrooms and corresponding baths. You and your family can even enjoy a beautiful view as most of these homes offer lake views from the comfort of your own backyard. So, if a fully inclusive lifestyle alongside jaw-dropping architecture is what you’re in the market for from the gated communities here in Boca Raton, then St. Andrews Country Club just might be your little piece of heaven here on Earth.

Woodfield Hunt Club

Woodfield Hunt Club

Last but, certainly not least, on the list of best-gated communities here in the city of Boca Raton, Florida is none other than Woodfield Hunt Club. This exclusive neighborhood sets the tone of overall safety and security as soon as you pull up to the monumental gates to this private community. As you and your family continue to explore this high demand development, a combination of the home features and resident amenities will keep you in the arms of excitement and itching for more. Aside from top-notch safety and security features along with a world of internal activities, this location brings you close to all the other main attractions of the city. So, whether you decide to stay in or venture out for fun, living in Woodfield Hunt Club will facilitate your every wish and true desire.

Both entrances to this community are guard manned by the top of the line security and require that guests show photo ID with permission to visit in order to access the premises. This just goes to show you how high on the Woodfield priority list overall safety and security stand. Aside from the valuable assets of homes and residents, this neighborhood presents a wide variety of amenities available for you and your family’s enjoyment. From this assortment, you will discover five Har-Tru tennis courts as well as full-time tennis pro staff members onsite for all of your questions and personal fulfillment. This community also boasts basketball courts, two parks, and a specific toddler area for the children of the family to burn off some of that youthful energy. All of this is centered around a breathtaking clubhouse which is a fantastic space for hosting your next family celebration or special event.

Of the vast collection of single-family homes in Woodfield Hunt Club, most of them go for anywhere between the 500’s and cap around the 2 million category. Aside from all the resident amenities, features such as one of a kind architecture and winding driveways are just some of the many special touches that draw buyers to this development. With homes consisting of four, five, and six bedrooms with an appropriate number of corresponding baths, this variety of sizes as well as styles appeal to all tastes, interests, and needs across the spectrum. Built in the 1970’s, this upscale community consists of 328 of the most luxurious homes in all of Boca Raton with a long-standing reputation of success in this affluent city.

Most of these homes also features enticing interior upgrades as well as plenty of exterior space to decorate with all of Mother Nature’s finishing touches. Offering anywhere from 2,500 to almost 10,000 square feet of more than comfortable living space, these homes possess plenty of room for everyone and everything coming along for the ride. Knowing how heightened the level of security remains within this community, as you sift through the lot of gated communities in Boca Raton, Woodfield Hunt Club just might be the perfect landing spot to call home.

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Clearly, there is an impressive roster of gated communities here in Boca Raton for you and your family to choose from. Each of the above-mentioned neighborhoods provides an upstanding level of safety and security and truly takes enforcing this controlled protection to a whole new level. When it comes to making a decision, this result lies within the other priorities and home features that remain on the list of non-negotiable items for you and your family. As devoted members of the Chance Reality team, we will assist you in this new chapter of your life by finding the perfect gated community in Boca Raton that checks off every item on your priority list. Allow us to make this transition a breeze as we show you around and help you secure a ticket to paradise, also known as your next dream home. Please feel free to give us a call at your convenience so that Chance Realty can put you one step closer to residing securely behind the golden gates of your new home here in Boca Raton, Florida.

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