Now more than ever, Florida, the Sunshine State, has become an irresistible magnet for many people looking to migrate. Initial attraction can be attributed to no income tax and year-round summer, coupled with beautiful beaches that are frequently touted as one of the world’s finest destinations. It is not hard to see why so many have made Florida their destination of choice in much the same way you could describe Paradise or Vancouver Island. However, if you had the option to live right on the beach, what would you do? You might assume this scenario means there’s a price attached to living right on the beachfront homes but there still remain several cities within Florida where you will find beach front oceanfront properties of affordable status. In this article we look at five such cities; Melbourne Beach, Vero Beach, Cocoa Beach, Ormond Beach, Bonita Beach. While going over each city, in depth, we will discuss what makes each unique from anything else in the state and hence highlight things to consider when buying an oceanfront home there. 


Melbourne Beach is located in Florida Space Coast and is known for it’s high end real estate while still offering a calm and friendly environment with some of the most pristine beaches. The town boasts plethora of sights for nature lovers and occasions dedicated to outdoor activity. The main street lined along Ocean Avenue contains variety of shops, galleries and restaurants serving fresh cuisine of local ingredients. General atmosphere of Melbourne Beach is laid back and friendly thus making it one of the top options when deciding to buy an oceanfront home in Florida.

On average, Melbourne Beach oceanfront property costs around $717,500, though median listing price for Melbourne Beach properties approximately $812,000. Please note these prices vary greatly depending upon location size and amenities of said property.

Individuals who love taking part in outdoors activities truly soak up the nearest Sebastian Inlet State Park campground sites providing almost everything one may enjoy. Indian River Lagoon located west of Melbourne offers lots of boating opportunities including kayaking and bird spotting. It is also a home to numerous species of birds, fish, plus marine mammals consisting of manatee ,walrus, dolphin and shark ray. 

In terms of entertainment & dining, Melbourne also has options offered by impressive places such as Ocean Avenue with a line of unique shops/galleries; restaurant/café serving fresh locally produced meals, serving everything from seafood to international cuisines. One particular place called Djon’s Steak and Lobster House offers both offers fine dining set a top a hill overlooking ocean view for those special occasions. 

Overall, this city offers some of the best deals when you’re looking for a cozy beach house to spend your winters or even to make it a primary residence. 

Vero Beach Ocean Homes

Vero Beach

Vero Beach Florida luxury real estate Vero Beach is considered to offer residence’s at the best value with great potential for reselling in the future or for flipping.

The exact Average Cost of oceanfront property in Vero Beach area FL however varies immensely depending on location, size, or any upgrades done to the property. It is also difficult to catch pricing since there is a lot of new construction in the area which has a strong affect on pricing. 

There are definitely great deals but you have to be vigilant to find them as they pop up in the market since it’s only a few listings at a time. 

Vero Beach offers a range of entertainment and dining options. The city has a catch-all arts scene ranging from galleries and museums like the Vero Beach Museum of Art to myriad restaurants offering everything from fresh seafood to international cuisine. Perfect for dinnertime is a local favorite as Ocean Grill, with its beachfront dining in which all dishes are consumed under an umbrella while sitting on the sand.

The overall sense of Vero Beach is relaxed and upscale. With a small resident population, the city finds a close-knit community feeling. Residents are warm and welcoming, the pace of life at ease, which describes it as the right environment to unwind. Living in this Florida locale means that one enjoys the opportunity to enjoy in a luxurious, yet relaxing setting a beachfront lifestyle. This convenient juxtaposition of ideal weather allows for nature’s gentle but all-encompassing hospitality: a setting ideally suited to appreciating the state’s beguiling beauty, spectacular vistas, and friendly neighbors. Because of its naturally beautiful topography, placid populace, and array of utterly compatible community amenities, Vero Beach is well poised for consideration in preference to other municipalities coastwide when looking in earnest for an oceanfront home in (or near) Florida.

Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Homes

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach features picturesque beaches, an active surf community, and one of the oldest settlement in Brevard County with a tradition linked to space exploration. The median asking price for oceanfront properties in Cocoa Beach is about $400,000.

There are lots of options for outdoor activities nearby with the Thousand Islands Conservation Area and historic Cocoa Beach Pier which adds some historical charm. Dining and entertainment opportunities were also diverse, from casual cafes to full-service restaurants. Again, there is a transition from relaxed during the morning to lively after work hours, making it a perfect destination for those who want a lively and tight community to call home.

Entertainment-wise and in dining, the city is quite flexible. Nightlife in Cocoa Beach is very active, with many bars and restaurants offering a wide range of nightly themes. For specialty coffee or meals, lunch can be found at many local cafes and eateries, while numerous international cuisine restaurants serve up fresh seafood to experienced fish snobs. One local patty meister spot makes scrumptious burgers right out of the highway’s mixers using only beef that his customers buy him. Be prepared for your McDonald’s fixings – extra bacon and cheese go on every sandwich.

The overall feel of Cocoa Beach transits from relaxed to a surf oriented vibe. Being a smaller city there is a very tight knit community feeling. You will pretty much know all the residents by first name basis, so keep that in mind when looking for properties here. If you snag a deal in this amazing city, you’ll definitely not be disappointed by quality of home or what the city has to offer. 

Ormond Beach Oceanfront Homes

Ormond Beach 

Ormond Beach Ormond Beach is located on Florida’s east coast, along its beautiful beaches, scenic drives, and historic landmarks. The city offers a diverse number of outdoor activities as well as a lively arts scene and many restaurants. Overall, the neighborhood vibe in Ormond Beach seems relaxed, with family-friendly characteristics.

The average listing price for waterfront properties near Ormond Beach is around $848,583. Ormond Beach’s beauty beach tends to draw beachgoers who love to see beautiful oceanfront properties. Such residents can find numerous bargains to suit their needs and budgets. Being in close proximity to Daytona Beach which gets all the attention, keeps many folks from seeing amazing deals in this city. 

Ormond Beach nearby Tomoka State Park has some great spots for campers, hikers and wildlife lovers. The city boasts one of best scenic Loops and Trail which provides 30 miles double loop circuitous road ways that wind through some of the most beautiful and diverse natural scenery region in Northeast Florida known as Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail.

As far entertainment goes, Ormond Beach features a variety of options. In this town, a lively arts scene serves as a big part of the local culture and is only growing with many new galleries spurring up. There is also Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens and The Casements mansion that is the cultural hub for the city. For dining – Alfie’s Restaurant – it is among several most private settings where meals are served in a very classy and quite setting with an option for inside or outdoor dining. 

Ormond Beach overall environment surroundings tend to be calm and family enjoyable settings.

Bonita Beach Homes for Sale

Bonita Beach 

Located on the Southwest coast of Florida, Bonita Beach is famous for its heavenly beaches with the most private laid back atmosphere. The beach is an ideal destination for beachgoers who love to swim, sunbathe or participate in some water sports. 

For outdoor lovers, the nearby Lovers Key State Park offers a list of things to do such as hiking, bird watching and seeing various wildlife. If that’s not enough, there is Barefoot Beach Preserve which is a wildlife habitat for many species of birds and an excellent place to collect exotic seashells.

As far as entertainment goes, there is plenty to do in Bonita Beach. The city has a active nightlife scene with many bars and restaurants located along the beach front. As far as cuisine there are many fresh seafood offerings and some international cuisine as well. One of local favorites is The Fish House Restaurant which offers a wide range of seafood options in a laid back setting. 

This city has an overall serene and family friendly atmosphere, with a small population you definitely get a tight knit community feel. Residents are very welcoming and overall pace of life here is more of a vacation vibe, making it an ideal place to own beachfront property. There are plenty of options to buy a house for around $1 million dollars or so, which is a bargain if you see similar homes priced in the South Florida area. 


In conclusion, each of these wonderful cities offers everything you’d want from a beach city living experience. Whether you’re into surfing, or spending your days laying on the beach or enjoying some upscale amenities, you’d be sure to find something that suits you and your family. The prices of homes in these cities are absolute bargains and it is just a matter of time until they start appreciating in value.

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