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Most people think that you have to travel long and far in order to reach the sparkling sights of true paradise. Well, here in Delray Beach, Florida, paradise is just another name for the surrounding neighborhoods. Delray Villas is one of the most tropical and luxurious resort style fifty-five and up communities that this city has to offer. Picture yourself poolside with a refreshing and fruity drink in your hand minus all the hassle of traveling away from the comfort of your own home. At the convenient yet remote Delray Villas, this is exactly the life you will live and what a life it is at that.


A unit in this development will run you around the 200 range, which is a very reasonable price considering all that this purchase entails. Unlike some, the board of directors for Delray Villas consists of nine full-time members, which is nice since they are the voice and representation of your community. They are in charge of coordinating the activities as well as keeping the amenities up to par and in alignment with the requests of the residents.


Some of these amenities feature horseshoe, bocce ball, pickleball, and a few high-end tennis courts. At the heart of the community, there is a grandiose heated swimming pool and a coordinating lap pool for some aquatic exercise. You will also enjoy the recent renovations of their co-ed gym including brand new state-of-the-art equipment as well as glistening bathroom and shower facilities. Delray Villas also offers a wide variety of clubs and group that meet frequently over a common bond or interest. Whatever you fancy in your spare time, there is definitely something for you here in this eclectic and adventurous neighborhood.


Aside from other fifty-five and up condominium communities in the area, Delray Villas HOA’s come at a very moderate rate. From around $150-$200 a month, this price affords you the opportunity to relax in the absence of excess responsibilities and overall maintenance. Many of these services include lawn cutting, fertilization, hedge trimming, and other landscaping duties you can check off your list without lifting a finger.


These fees also manage subterranean termite control as well as insect spraying throughout the common areas.  Once you tire out from all the outdoor and group activities, you have the luxury of kicking back on your sofa and unwinding to one of the seven HBO channels on your cable TV service. If you’re looking for some auditory enjoyment, then your ears will bask in one of the many tranquil music channels that are also a part of these monthly nominal fees.


 As you pull up to your new home, the line between paradise and reality will start to slowly fade away. This is part of the lifestyle here in Delray Beach, Florida and Delray Villas is no exception. Aside from all the surrounding tropical vibes, your days will be full of endless fun right within the parameters of your own community.


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