Huntington Pointe Homes for Sale

Talk about an area that embodies the true essence of its culture, Delray Beach, Florida is the epitome of beachside elegance with a touch of the colorful arts. As a mirror to the city, Huntington Pointe is a perfect replica of the success and aesthetics that appeal to the masses.


From numerous social gatherings and events to the surplus of other resident amenities, this community will keep you more than busy. Aside from the fact that you are conveniently next to all the surrounding city attractions, your new neighborhood offers a lifestyle that is worth more than asking price.


About Huntington Pointe    

Hovering between the 150’s and 250’s, homes in this development come at a pretty decent price. Especially in the city of Delray, you don’t usually find good quality homes for such a considerable cost. Whether you choose a self-standing villa or a unit in one of our luxurious buildings, these homes all possess their own unique character in style as well as size.


The community does a great job of upkeeping landscape by incorporating some breathtaking shrubbery and classic tropical favorites. This neighborhood also features a  slew of enticing resident amenities such as a cafe, fitness center, pickleball, and tennis courts, water aerobics, and even a nice heart raising Zumba class.


You will have your beach body ready and your shades on enjoying weekend afternoons by the pool or down the street with the Atlantic Ocean on the beach. From now on your weekends will be very similar to vacations at five-star resorts with the most lavish parties to follow.


Boasting many waterfront properties, these villas and condos sport an appropriate number of bedrooms and baths in order to comfortably house you and all your belongings. Roughly between 1,500 to almost 2,000 square feet, the size of these homes is just right for this next phase of your life, Built in the early nineties, these units provide all the cultural elegance of class minus the hard-hitting price and responsibility. From the moments you lay eyes on the gourmet kitchen, state-of-the-art appliances, and high-quality upgrades you will be eager to move into your new luxury home.


Let Us Help!    

Leave the scene of boredom behind you and allow yourself to enter the next feature film of your life. Here at Huntington Pointe in Delray Beach, Florida, art and culture take a nose dive into the heart of this eclectic community. Aside from the convenience of living so close to all the main attractions, you will love all the jaw-dropping architecture, as well as the onsite party that never ends.


Forget whatever your old neighborhood did because at your new digs excitement and fun are never too far behind. If this hankering for fun grows persistent, check out all the active listings that we cover below. Please feel free to give us a call at your convenience so that Chance Realty can bring you one step closer to owning the home of your dreams. We look forward to working with you.


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